Oulu Days September 2–4, 2022. - Since 1962.

Oulu Days in a Nutshell

Oulu Days is an urban festival with long-standing traditions – it has been organised since 1962. Until the year 2012, the festival took place on the first weekend of September. In 2013, the timing of the festival changed. The festival was organized during the summer and it was 3 weeks long.  In 2022, the timing of the festival changed again and went back to the original time, therefore festival nowadays is organized at the first weekend of September.

In recent years, the attendance at Oulu Days events has ranged from 50,000 to 90,000 people. More than 100 partner organisations have participated in the arrangements, with an average of 150 events included in the programme each year.

Oulu Days offers something for everyone. The versatile programme includes music, dance, sports, cinema, literature, theatre, outings, markets, neighbourhood events, marine events, excursions, exhibitions and plenty of activities for families with children.

Oulu Days is a festival in which basically everyone is welcome to arrange an event by offering one to be included in the Oulu Days programme. The concept of Oulu Days is to be a communal event entity in which a range of different communities creates the programme together.

The organisers of Oulu Days events have included companies, associations, public sector operators and even private persons. Most of the partners have been from Oulu but some have come from other parts of Finland, as well.