welcome to Oulu

Welcome to Oulu at Kuusisaari September 1

Oulu invites everyone to visit Kuusisaari September 1! Welcome to Oulu Festival charms, engages and informs new and existing Oulu residents to get to know their hometown better on. The event organized in Kuusisaari is free and open to everyone. The event has program both in Finnish and in English.

Do you know where you can find different services in Oulu? How can you act in your vicinity? What kind of hobby opportunities or excursion destinations are available? What kind of events can be found in Oulu? You will find the answer to these and many other questions at Welcome to Oulu Festival!

Welcome to Oulu Festival, brings together Oulu’s cultural actors, organizations, and various sectors of the city to present their activities to the people of Oulu. The search for actors will start at February.

Oulu’s know-how and diverse culture can be seen on the festival's program stages troughout the whole festival day. The programme will be published at May.

Warm welcome!

Contact info

Eeva Ojala
tel. +35840 516 3428

Mia Lindberg
tel. +35844 703 1326

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