Periods and Final Weeks

Periods and final weeks in school years 2023 - 2024

The upper secondary school year is divided into five periods, each of which has its own timetable. The period's last seven working days are called the final week.

1st period: 10.8.2023-2.10.2023 and final week 21.9.-2.10.
2nd period: 3.10.2023-30.11.2023 and final week 21.11.-30.11.
3rd period: 1.12.2023-7.2.2024 and final week 29.1.-7.2.
4th period: 8.2.2024-9.4.2024 and final week 27.3.-9.4.
5th period: 10.4.2024-1.6.2024 and final week 21.5.-30.5.

There may be slight variations in working days, depending on the school, for example because of individual Saturday working days. 

City of Oulu comprehensive and upper secondary school terms and holidays in school year 2023 - 2024