Upper Secondary School Curriculum

The purpose of the curriculum of general upper secondary education is for students to master the central contents of the subjects, but also for them to gain wide-ranging competence. The aims are good all-round general education, building sustainable future and providing students with strong skills and preconditions for further studies, working life and internationalization. The goal is a good, balanced and civilized person.

All subjects have common goals for wide-ranging competence. They are related to life management, such as interaction and learning skills, and responsible influencing, such as the environment and societal and global competence.

Local curriculum supports national goals

The upper secondary education of the City of Oulu has drawn up its own local curriculum to support the national basics. The local curriculum also includes a language programme, a plan for the educational use of ICT and the principles of upper secondary school collaboration.

Each upper secondary school has also a school-specific curriculum. The implementation of the curriculum is annually monitored and evaluated.

The school-specific curriculums of the upper secondary schools in Oulu can be found on the individual school websites.

Distribution of Lessons in Upper Secondary School

Compulsory and Elective Studies as Study Credits (in Finnish)