Language Studies

In upper secondary school, students can continue studying languages they have started in comprehensive school, or students can start studying a new language.

Language programme abbreviations:

  • A language is the language started in comprehensive school grades 3 or 5
  • B1 language is the language started in grade 6 as a common subject
  • B2 language is the elective language started in grade 8
  • B3 language is the elective language started in upper secondary school
  • S2 language is Finnish as a second language

The language selection at upper secondary schools in Oulu can be found below. Languages are taught accordingly to the language programme if there are enough students who have selected the language. Language groups are also formed in collaboration between upper secondary schools and as distance blended teaching.

Upper secondary schools may also organize individual language study units or language clubs.

German language students in upper secondary schools of the city of Oulu have the opportunity to complete the German Deutsches Sprach Diploma, which gives a student the right to study at universities in Germany. The degree course is offered at Oulu Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu Upper Secondary School (OSYK), but German students of all upper secondary schools have the right to complete the course.

Languages Offered in Upper Secondary Schools

The Language Selection at City of Oulu Upper Secondary Schools