Matriculation Examination

The matriculation examination is organized twice a year, in spring and in autumn, simultaneously throughout the whole country. The matriculation examination includes at least five exams.

Students can complete the matriculation examination at once or divide it into a maximum of three consecutive examinations. The matriculation examination can be renewed indefinitely.

The matriculation examination is completed when the candidate has completed the exams required for the examination as well as the degree entitling the candidate to participate in the matriculation examination. After graduating, you can always complement your degree with new subjects.

Subject combinations in exams

The matriculation examination always includes a mother tongue and literature exam. In addition, the examination must include at least four exams in different subjects from at least three of the following categories: mathematics, second domestic language, foreign language and humanities and natural sciences. The tests must include at least one advanced syllabus exam.

A combination of five exams may include only one exam in the same subject. In addition to five exams, one or even more other exams can be taken. 

More information on the matriculation examination is provided by school guidance councellors. You can access individual school websites by clicking this link.