Studies in Other Educational Institutions

Upper secondary school studies in other upper secondary schools

Students of the upper secondary schools of the City of Oulu have the opportunity to select studies from other upper secondary schools in the city to include in their own study programme. However, the special studies included in the special programmes of upper secondary schools with a special assignment (Kastelli Sports Upper Secondary School, Madetoja Music Upper Secondary School, Oulu Lyseo Upper Secondary School IB programme) are not, as a rule, open for students of other upper secondary schools.

Each school sets a limit on the number of students for the courses it organizes depending on what is required from the teaching arrangements. If more willing students than what can be admitted to a course arise, the school's own students become a priority.

Further information on studies in other upper secondary schools is provided by your guidance counsellor.

Occupation and student's cap from the vocational upper secondary school

If you wish to study at a vocational upper secondary school, you must apply to become a student in a vocational institution. Students enrolled in vocational education are provided with studies that are in accordance with the curriculum of upper secondary school for adults.

In upper secondary vocational schools, it is possible to complete upper secondary school studies flexibly, ranging from individual courses to completing the entire upper secondary school syllabus. Graduating students receive a vocational upper secondary qualification diploma and a matriculation examination certificate.

Oulu Upper Secondary School for Adults organizes the vocational upper secondary school studies. The studies take 3-4 years. Read more about vocational upper secondary school on OSAO website (in Finnish).

Higher education studies for upper secondary school students

If they wish, Oulu upper secondary school students can include higher education studies in their elective upper secondary school studies. Getting acquainted with higher education studies already during their upper secondary studies helps students to plan and apply for further studies.

Open universities and open universities of applied sciences offer higher education studies open to all. Some studies are organized especially for upper secondary school students. Some of the studies are free of charge. Upper secondary school students can select studies both from the open selection and from the selection aimed for upper secondary school students.

Many of the studies are completed online, so it is also possible to participate in the teaching of universities outside Oulu as well.

Read more about the studies:

As a rule, studies at open university and open university of applied sciences are subject to a charge. If a student registers for paid studies, they are responsible for the charges themselves.

The scope and workload of higher education studies must be taken into account when planning studies alongside upper secondary school studies. Your own guidance counsellor will help you with planning and selecting. The principal of the upper secondary school is responsible for accrediting studies.