Oulu 17th Century


Oulu was established by King Carl IX of Sweden
on the mainland opposite Linnansaari Island and the castle.


King Carl IX granted Oulu town privileges.

population about 400

The oldest maps of Oulu date from this period. The 1651 map shows the old town and how the new planning system (grid) was going to change it. The planning work was done by Klaus Claesson, a land surveyor.

population about 500

The town hall, destroyed in a fire, was rebuilt. The town hall was the centre of city administration and justice and one of the most important buildings in Oulu. Its tower had a clock which showed the current hour. Oulu prison was located under the town hall. Other public buildings included a church and a children's school.

population about 800

The children's school was expanded into a grammar school with actual grades and four teachers. Pupils now had the opportunity to continue their studies in a university. The first headmaster of the grammar school was Olavi Olavinpoika Lauraeus.