Oulu 1960 - 2000

population about 78,270

The 1965 area annexation temporarily made Oulu the biggest city in Finland by area (369.8 square kilometres/142.78 square miles). In the area annexation, the entire town of Oulujoki and the Pateniemi part of Haukipudas were incorporated into Oulu. The annexed area was almost 206 square kilometres (79.54 square miles) in size.

population about 91,700

The City of Oulu sold an additional 24 hectares (59.3053 acres) from Rusko to Nokia Corporation's subsidiary, Pohjolan Kaapeli Oy. The factories built by the company are regarded as a giant contribution to Oulu's subsequent development into a high-tech city.

Production in Rusko consisted initially of phone cables, winding wire and installation wires. (The Dutch-owned NK Cables continues operations today.) The area had also been the home of Oy Nokia Ab Elektroniikka's (Nokia's electronics department) works since the 1970s. The establishment of high-tech companies and jobs was also helped by the founding of Oulun Teknologiakylä Oy (nowadays the Technopolis technology centre) in 1982. The City of Oulu was one of the company's founders and shareholders.

The most significant electronics company in Oulu was, and continues to be, Nokia Corporation. Nokia mobile phones are well known, and currently (in 2000) Nokia Mobile Phones has product development in nine countries. Of these, Finland is still the most important. One of the company's product development centres is also located in Oulu.

population about 93,170

The Toppila power plant, which produces electricity and district heating, began operations. This city-owned and constructed power plant was the biggest user of fuel peat (as a primary fuel) in Finland when it was built. The city was more or less self-sufficient in electricity and heat production. The cost estimation of the power plant rose to 225 million Finnish marks, which was nearly a third of the city's total expenditure in 1997.

population about 100,350

The number of residents reached a new peak of 100,000 at the beginning of the year. Oulu became Finland's sixth biggest city by population.

population about 102,280

The fifth bridge for road traffic across the River Oulujoki was completed. The completion of the Sanki Bridge signified the end for Oulu's last remaining ferry.

population about 117,680

The population rose rapidly. At the beginning of the year, Oulu had 117,680 residents – the number exceeded 120,000 by the end of the year.