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Healthcare, social welfare, and rescue services will move from the responsibility of the City of Oulu to the wellbeing services county of North Ostrobothnia (Pohde) from the beginning of 2023. Read more about the reform (pohde.fi)

Child Health and Maternity Clinics

Child health and maternity clinic conduct health check-ups for children aged 0–6 years and examinations related to pregnancy monitoring and services for families. The clinic should be contacted as soon as you find out that you are pregnant.

To make an appointment for a health check-up or counselling session, call 08 558 44356. Appointments for annual check-ups for children (2–6 years) can also be made online at the online service Oulun omahoito (in Finnish). Via Oulun omahoito you can also contact your own child health and maternity clinic.

Maternity clinic opening hours

Mon–Thu 8–16
Fri 8–15

In case of illness, contact your own health clinic. If you stay at home to look after a sick child younger than 6 years, call the child health clinic for a certificate for your employer.

Outside office hours, call the advice number of the joint emergency duty service: tel. 116 117.

Outside office hours, pregnant women (more than 20 + 0 weeks pregnant) can call Maternity Reception on urgent matters, tel. 08 315 3198.

Addresses to maternity clinics

Haukipudas: Simppulantie 15 A 3, 90830 Haukipudas

Kaakkuri: Pesätie 11, 90420 Oulu

Kiiminki: Terveystie 1, 90900 Kiiminki

Kontinkangas: Kajaanintie 46 B, 90220 Oulu

Myllyoja: Hoitajanrinne 1, 90220 Oulu

Oulunsalo: Kauppiaantie 10, 90560 Oulunsalo

Tuira: Kangastie 16, 90500 Oulu (areas of Kaijonharju, Koskela, Rajakylä and Tuira)

Yli-Ii: Kirkkokuja 2, 91200 Yli-Ii

Ylikiiminki: Vesaisentie 2, 91300 Ylikiiminki

Please call in advance 08 558 44356

To make an appointment or talk to a nurse

If the line is busy, please note

1. You will hear the music playing.
2. Wait until the Finnish voice delivers the first message. It will end with the music. Hold the line.
3. The second message will ask you to dial number 1. Dial “1” when the line is silent. Your call will be registered in a queue.
4. The maternity clinic staff will call you back within a 2-hours period
during call-back service hours:

Mon–Thu 8–15
Fri 8–14