Driving and Parking

The roads in Oulu are kept in good condition and traffic arrangements are continuously being improved. People are encouraged to use public transport, especially in the city centre.

Up-to-date traffic information is available on the Oulu Region traffic service website (in Finnish).

Driving in Finland has its quirks, and extra care should be taken because of the changing seasons and weather conditions, for example. For more information on driving in Finland, please visit the Liikenneturva (the organisation for traffic safety in Finland) website.


On-street parking spaces are available in the city centre for various rates. Some of these are time-limited. There are also two car parks in the city centre as well as underground car parks for customers.

Sijainti kartalla: Parking places

Sijainti kartalla: Multistorey car park

Time-limited parking spaces are on-street parking bays and off-street car park bays. Allowed parking times: 30 minutes, one hour, two hours and 24 hours.

When you park in a time-limited parking space, you must place a parking disc on the dashboard. You can purchase parking discs from service stations and department stores. Parking discs are blue plastic cards with a movable twelve-hour white dial. Look for the signs as you enter a lot or at the beginning of a block. Signs will show a card or meter and the period of time for which you can park in that area. You set the card for the time at which you parked.

Car parks, some of the off-street parking bays and most of the on-street parking spaces are subject to a parking charge. There are three parking zones with different rates in the city centre.

Parking charges by zone:

  • Zone 1: €2,50/hour
  • Zone 2: €1.60/hour
  • Zone 3: €1.20/hour

The parking meters accept 20 and 50 cent and one euro coins. You can also use your mobile phone to pay for your parking. For more information on how to pay with your mobile phone, please contact your service provider: