Driving and Parking

The roads in Oulu are kept in good condition and traffic arrangements are continuously being improved. People are encouraged to use public transport, especially in the city centre.

Up-to-date traffic information is available on the Oulu Region traffic service website (in Finnish).

Driving in Finland has its quirks, and extra care should be taken because of the changing seasons and weather conditions, for example. For more information on driving in Finland, please visit the Liikenneturva (the organisation for traffic safety in Finland) website.


On-street parking spaces are available in the city centre for various rates. Some of these are time-limited. There are also two car parks in the city centre as well as underground car parks for customers.

In Oulu, you can park your car in the center in underground parking garages or parking buildings, but also on the streets. Parking in the city center is generally subject to a fee. There are also free parking spaces further away from center.

More information about the city's car parks can be found at Oulun Pysäköinti Oy.

Parking fees in the center

On the streets, paid parking is divided into three zones. Parking is available for a fee on weekdays from 08:00 to 18:00 and on Saturdays from 08:00 to 16:00. You can see the parking zones on the Karttatie.

Zone 1. 2.90 € / hour

Zone 2. 1.90 € / hour

Zone 3. 1.30 € / hour

The parking fee can be paid in cash, by debit card or by mobile phone.

With a mobile phone, you can pay using the following services. For more information, visit the service providers' websites:


Parking for motorcycles and mopeds

Parking spaces for motorcycles are on Rantakatu at the market square. Motorcycles can also be parked in other places in accordance with traffic signs and regulations. Parking is not permitted in places designated for another group of vehicles, such as places reserved for the disabled or trucks and buses.

Motorcycles and motor vehicles that don’t have windshields do not have to pay for parking in street parking areas or city-managed parking lots. Motorcycles are not required to report the start of the parking period, but time limits should be observed.

Free parking spaces

Parking lots located further away from center usually have a time limit of half an hour to four hours. There is no time limit at some locations. Remember to always check the traffic signs when you park!

Parking enforcement

Parking is monitored in Oulu by parking enforcement officers and the police.

If you have any questions about parking, please contact Oulu10's customer service, tel. 08 558 558 00. You can also ask for advice in a chat from OuluBot and Oulu10's customer service. You can get advice on making a demand for rectification, for example, by phone and chat.

Other matters related to parking supervision or parking fine payments by e-mail pysakoinninvalvoja (at) ouka.fi.

If you need to make a demand for rectification

Make a claim from this link:

Send a demand for rectification 

By logging in to the service with the parking fine case number and vehicle registration number, you can see the parking fine information, photos and can make a correction request.

If ticket information can't be found, send a demand for rectification