Hunting and Fishing

Nearly all hunting and fishing requires a licence in Finland.
You can only hunt during the hunting season. Some game, such as elk, are subject to a catch limit. Hunting seasons and catch limits protect the population of the hunted species. All hunting is prohibited during the breeding season.

In most cases, recreational fishing requires a licence. However, you do not need a licence for hook and line fishing or ice fishing. Some species of fish and crayfish are protected for specific periods of time. The spawning locations, habitats and migration routes of valuable fish species are protected to preserve the fish stock.

To obtain a fishing licence in Oulu, please contact the Oulu10 service point, Torikatu 10, tel. 08 558 410.

For more information on hunting and fishing in Finland, please visit the website.

The hunting rights on land owned by the City of Oulu have been leased out to hunting associations. Only members of the associations or guests specifically invited by them have the right to hunt on land owned by the City.