How to prevent the new coronavirus?

Recommendations and restrictions for the coronavirus epidemic in Oulu

Mask recommendations (primarily for over 12-year-olds)

The mask recommendation also applies to those who have received a coronavirus vaccine and those who have had coronavirus.
  • In public transport
  • Persons going to a coronavirus test on their way to the test and before the test result is confirmed, if there is a compelling reason to move outside their home.
  • Tourists and travellers, who have arrived in Finland from a risk area, when they proceed from the point of entry to self-quarantine, or if they have a compelling reason to move outside the home during self-quarantine.
  • For healthcare personnel in all patient work. The recommendation applies also to patients, family and relatives, students and visitors.
  • It is recommended to wear a mask in situations where it is difficult to keep a distance of 1 metre

Public spaces

Safety must be taken into account in all public spaces. The management of spaces open to the public or limited outdoor spaces shall ensure that customers and participants have access to hand cleaning and adequate safety distances. Instructions for preventing the spread of infections, such as instructions for cleaning hands, must be displayed. In addition, cleaning of premises and surfaces should be made more efficient.

The elderly and risk groups

Visits to housing services and care units of both the city and private actors should be avoided for the time being.

Recommendation for remote working

Remote working is recommended to all employees to the widest possible extent.

Remote meeting practices

Remote meeting practices are recommended both in places of work and in leisure activity meetings as comprehensively as possible.

Restaurants, bars ans licensed premises

In compliance with the Government guideline


This page was updated June 16, 2021.

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