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New mask recommendation for early childhood education for the period 26 November – 18 December

Oulu and the whole of Northern Ostrobothnia have entered the acceleration phase of the corona epidemic. For this reason, new recommendations will be introduced in the region, which will take effect on Thursday 26 November and remain valid until 18 December 2020.

In the workplaces of the City of Oulu, masks will be used indoors in those tasks where the use of a mask is possible. The mask recommendation applies to early childhood education and pre-school employees, but not to children.

Mask recommendation for the guardians

Our goal is to minimize the moving about and passing through of the children’s guardians in the interior premises of the daycare centres. If you visit the indoors of the daycare centre, for example, when bringing or picking up your child, we recommend the use of a face mask. When the children are brought to the daycare or picked-up from the daycare the aim is stay for as short a time as possible in the area of the daycare centre and only one of the guardians comes inside the building at a time. The guardian entering the daycare centre must not have any symptoms.

The use of a face mask is recommended for adults participating in the open early childhood education.

The use of face masks helps to reduce exposure situations, the number of people ending up in quarantine and prevent further infections. In order to ensure the functioning of the early childhood education services, we need a sufficient number of employees every day. The masks protect our employees and the children in a preventive way.

This is a recommendation. We will continue to observe good hand and coughing hygiene, safety distances and working within our own groups. Early childhood education staff will discuss the use of the mask with children. We hope you guardians can answer any questions children may have in cooperation with our staff. For more information, please contact your child’s early childhood education location.

The guardians should acquire their own face masks. The City of Oulu distributes washable face masks for those with low income in the welfare centers and service points. Face masks for young people with low income are distributed at the Byström Ohjaamo Guidance Center. Masks are distributed during the opening hours of the offices.

Up-to-date corona guidelines for Oulu can be found at: and


If you suspect you have coronavirus, read the information