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Oulu’s Bid for 2026 European Capital of Culture has begun

Oulu City Council decided on 27th of February that The City of Oulu will bid for the 2026 European Capital of Culture award after the City council’s decision that was made in accordance with Finland’s 100th Anniversary of Independence celebration year. It is one of the most prominent projects of our generation, which emphasizes above all the improvement of Oulu's attractiveness and widespread urban development.

The launch of the project has been initiated by Samu Forsblom, Director of Culture for the City of Oulu along with a team of experts. The working group makes a presentation regarding the timetable and content of the project to the City Council.

"The key to the success of the project is interaction with inhabitants of the city. We will be asking a wide range of Oulu citizens questions about what type of city Oulu can become so that we can all be particularly proud of in 2026. And above all, what can we all do together to achieve this goal. The question is the process in which the journey is far more important than the actual European Capital of Culture year”, Forsblom says.

"As we begin with the new City Council’s to update the city strategy, we will make a target and plan for Oulu up until 2026," says Mayor Päivi Laajala.

The city strategy name is called "Oulu 2026". Oulu's application for European Capital of Culture will be submitted in 2020.


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