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The Oulu City Library has made more room for the youth

The Youth nook is meant for relaxing, doing group work or homework and enjoying events.

The Children and Youth Department at The Oulu City Library has had a positive problem for a long time: during peak hours, in particular, there has not been enough space for everybody to sit down and hang out. Veera Huovinen, the librarian at the Children and Youth Department, says that many children do their school homework or group work at the library. They also just hang out there alone or with friends.

More space was needed, so it was decided that two offices previously used by the library staff would be turned into a big space for customers. At the end of last year, a part of the back wall of the Children and Youth Department was demolished and the two offices were joined.

The space that was opened in February is decorated with wallto-wall carpets, rocking chairs and a couch. Some books from the library collection are on display.

The plan is to hang art created by young people on the walls, but partner negotiations are still ongoing in that regard. One can speak at normal volume levels in the Children and Youth Department, and sounds of living and playing are allowed. If somebody needs a silent working space, it can be found in Kässy on the third floor.