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The pilot procedure plan of Oulu for 2019–2020 on sexual offence prevention will be turned over to the Ministry of Finance

In December 2018, the Police informed about a series of sexual offences towards under-aged girls living in Oulu. The events did not go unnoticed by state officials, and the Ministry of Finance promised to fund the City of Oulu in sexual offence prevention.

The procedure plan includes a description of the sexual offences towards under-aged children as a phenomenon, and the situation in Oulu in the light of statistics, as well as the preventive measures the services of the City of Oulu provide. The plan lists also the services offered to sexual offence victims and their families, and describes the cooperation between officials.

The most central aim of the pilot is to prevent and decrease the number of sexual offences by six development procedures as follows. The procedure plan includes also the aims of communication and the evaluation of the developmental actions. The costs of carrying out the plan will be EUR 2,328,000 in total.

Support parents in sexual education of children and the young

The most essential factor in preventing children and the young from sexual offences is an attentive and understanding parental care. To support parenting and building positive child-adult-relationships, schools and officials will distribute information, organise guidance, counselling and regional training at schools, meeting places, and through official networks. Parents and regional operators will together agree on the protection of the growth and development of children and the young by defining boundaries, making agreements, and committing to follow them.

Enrich education on and knowledge about sexual offence prevention

People working with children and the young will be trained to recognize and intervene in sexual offences.  Additionally, the training will inform them about the risks, professional support, and operations of sexual offence prevention. To support people who work with victims of sexual offences, additional vocational training will be offered to support them in their work.

Fortify the psychosocial support for children and the young

 A mobile intervention group for psychosocial support will be formed. The group will both do crisis work as well as provide pre-emptive support for those children and youngsters whose situation raises concerns. The group will provide professional consultation and education for the staff of early childhood education, schools and other educational institutions.

Provide a multisectoral operation model for communicating with the young

A meeting place for the young will be set up, in which a variety of service providers, such as youth services, parishes, and organisations, will work. The meeting place will not be similar to the traditional youth facilities; the aim is to develop, in close collaboration with the young and service providers, new ways of operating. The operations will also include sexual education and counselling, meeting the young online, and guidance on appropriate social media behaviour. The young will be encouraged in developing new solutions on how to safely use the social media.

Improve the self-esteem of the young - stories from Oulu told by the young

This procedure will include carrying out, together with pupils of lower secondary schools, a media and education intervention. The materials created during the intervention will be published as videos and shown in local premieres and the media. The intervention will help to reassert the trust in and within our community, as well as prevent hate speech. It will also support pupils participating and working with the media.

Prevent sexual offences

The existing multisectoral co-operation models will be developed and the current integration methods will be enhanced. These operations will prevent both the Finland-born citizens and immigrants from performing sexual offences in the future.