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The Welcome to Oulu event at Mannerheim Park on 2 September

The Welcome to Oulu event will be held on Thursday 2nd of September at 13-17 at Mannerheim Park. The event is intended for both new Oulu residents and those who have lived in Oulu for a longer period of time, who hope to receive more information in English or in Finnish. Information is also available in some other languages.

The event brings together a wide range of Oulu's diverse services in one place. The event, coordinated by the Multicultural Centre Villa Victor, involves more than 20 partners.

Information is available on, among other things, various leisure and study opportunities and for example how to start a  business, as well as Oulu10 services, government services and several leisure activities are included in the event.

At the event you can test different instruments, take part in city navigation or free guided walking tours. The walking tour in Finnish starts at Mannerheim Park at 15.00 and in English at 16.30. The mobile library Onneli is also present at the park.

It is recommended to register for the walking tours in advance, as only 25 participants can attend per tour.

Register here for the walking tour in Finnish (15.00)

Register here for the walking tour in English (16.30)

What to see on stage? The circus acrobats Kat & Jared perform twice during the afternoon, the International School of Music plays music and there is also possibility to dance zumba together. There will be also programme and things to do for children!



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