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Vaccinations without an appointment are available in July

Vaccinations against coronavirus without booking an appointment are available in July at Ouluhalli. This walk-in-vaccination station is for those who will receive their first vaccine. You can get a vaccine without an appointment at following times:

tue 13.7. klo 9–14
wed 14.7. 9–14
thu 15.7. 9–14
fri 16.7. 9–14

tue 20.7. 9–14
wed 21.7. 9–14
thu 22.7. 9–14
fri 23.7. 9–14

There will be around 300–400 vaccines for a day, and a different waiting line will be arranged. If you want to check if vaccines are still available in the particular day you planned to come, the daily information will be on page (in Finnish). Appointments for vaccines are still available both from Oulun Omahoito and by phone.


If you suspect you have coronavirus, read the information

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