The City acquires all growth areas before city plans are drawn up. Land-use contracts are used in areas where the land-use arrangement has changed and in small complementary construction projects.

The City of Oulu provides plots for residential and business use. Plots for single-family homes and businesses available for purchase or lease are usually announced twice a year. They are advertised publicly, for example in newspapers and online. The Urban and Environmental Services / Plots website (in Finnish) also lists plots for single-family homes available for purchase.

Distribution areas for detached houses in 2023-2025. The plots will be drawn among the applicants in the spring additional application 2023 and in the autumn application 2023. 70% of the plots are drawn for families with children and 30% of the plots are drawn among all applicants. Even those who did not get a plot in the 1st draw will participate in the 2nd draw. A description of the plot drawing (pdf)

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