Recreational Use of Greenspaces

Greenspaces in Oulu and in nearby regions allow excellent opportunities for recreational use. They have been improved even further by the construction of structures facilitating recreational use, such as nature trails, campfire sites, birdwatching towers and parking spaces.

More information on the recreational opportunities in the Oulu region greenspaces can be found through the following links:

Nature trails and preservation areas maintained by the City of Oulu

Nature trails

  • Letonniemi ca. 3 km
  • Kempeleenlahti ca. 1 km
  • Pilpasuo ca. 7 km
  • Kalimenpolku, Sanginjoki ca. 5 km
  • Isokangas hiking trail, Sanginjoki ca. 10 km
  • Sanginjoki hunting trail, ca. 2 km
  • Huutilampi ca. 1,5 km

Nature preservation areas

  • Letonniemi
  • Kempeleenlahti
  • Pilpasuo
  • Isokangas, Sanginjoki outer forest
  • Asmonkorpi, Sanginjoki outer forest
  • Harakkalampi
  • Huutilampi
  • Akionlahti
  • Räkäsuo
  • Islands off the coast of Oulu

Ylikiiminki rest stops and fishing sites

  • Ahmasjärvi
  • Rekikylä
  • Myllykoski
  • Inninkoski

Birdwatching towers and stands

  • Kempeleenlahti
  • Akionlahti
  • Letonniemi
  • Huutilampi
  • Hietasaari (2)

Brochures mostly in Finnish can be found at Oulu10 (address: Torikatu 10) or in the lobby of the Environment Building (Solistinkatu 2). The brochure features the Oulu nature preservation areas and nature trails, and the locations of birdwatching towers and stands as well as natural landmarks.

There is no winter maintenance in the recreational areas.

Sanginjoki outer forest is an extensive forest and hiking area, about 750 hectares of which is protected. Running through it are the hiking trails of Isokangas (10 km) and Kalime (5 km). The area around Lake Isokankaanjärvi has remained untouched, and there is a lean-to shelter by the lake. Circling around the Korpilampi pond is the short Sanginjoki hunting trail, showcasing various aspects of silviculture and game management. There is a campfire site with a lean-to shelter by the pond.

In addition, Sanginjoki features the Lemmenpolku fishing site, with several shelters, campfire sites, information posts and fascinating greenspace locations. The Sanginjoki main information post is located at the Sanginjoentie rest stop in Kontiokoski.

Environment Office of the Oulu Region

Visiting address
Solistinkatu 2
90140 Oulu

Postal address
Environment Office of the Oulu Region
PO Box 34
90015 City of Oulu

Telephone number
(08) 558 410 (switchboard)
044 703 6700 (environmental health care helpline, weekdays 9-15)
044 703 6790 (environmental protection helpline and supervision number, weekdays 9-15)

E-mail address

(08) 557 1490

Hailuoto, Kempele, Liminka, Lumijoki, Muhos, Oulu, Tyrnävä

Birdwatching Towers

Birdwatching towers of Oulu (pdf)

Birdwatching towers of Oulu (pdf)

Birdwatching towers of Oulu (flash)

Birdwatching Towers of Oulu (Flash)