Main Library

Main library

Kaarlenväylä 3, PL 15, 90100 Oulu

Oulu Main Library is closed from 12.9.2022 due to the renovation. 

Pekuri Library was opened on 19.9.2022 and will serve the customers during the renovation.

See the OUTI Web Library for opening hours, services and more information.


Loans, renewals
tel. 08 558 47337


About the Main Library
The construction of the Main Library building was completed in 1982. The building is designed by the architects Marjatta and Martti Jaatinen.

Works of art in the Main Library (in Finnish)

Library customer service

tel. 08 558 47337

Open Mon–Fri 8–15

Open Mon–Thu 8–18, Fri 8–15



Café and lunch in the Main Library