The library may charge various fees from its users. Fees may accrue if, for example, a loan is overdue or if a reservation is not picked up by the last pick-up date. There are also fees for printing, copying, materials used on the Digiverstas Makerspace equipment and interlibrary loans. 

Library fees are divided into public and private fees. Public fees include late fees, overdue notices and fees for uncollected reservations. Other fees are private fees. Only public fees may result to the loss of borrowing privileges. 

Late fees accumulate if a library user does not return their loans on time. The late fee is paid for each day after the due date. There are no late fees for children and teens’ library materials. A fee is always charged for each overdue request sent by the library. 

If the user does not return their loans or does not pay the fees, this will result in a loss of borrowing privileges.

The fees can also be paid online through the OUTI Web Library. To pay the fees online, you need your library card number and PIN, as well as online banking credentials.

Fees can be paid using the most common payment cards in the libraries of Haukipudas, Kaakkuri, Kaijonharju, Karjasilta, Kiiminki, Maikkula, Myllyoja, Oulunsalo, Pekuri and Rajakylä. Payments in cash can be made at the Pekuri Library and the Oulu10 service points located in the libraries of Haukipudas, Kiiminki, Oulunsalo, Yli-Ii and Ylikiiminki. 

Library fees

Other fees