Towards the Central Library


Come and join us in designing the services of the new central library! The Oulu Main Library is planned to undergo complete renovation and transform into a central library. The new services are already being planned as a part of the project.


Oulu Cultural Strategy 2030, City of Oulu:

“Together with the renovations, the city’s key cultural facilities and concepts will be updated to meet future needs. As the most important of the facilities, the central library creates a space for learning and experiences.”


Service Network Plan 2018, City of Oulu:

“Library services are developed in order to produce the services efficiently in terms of space and based on people's everyday routines and routes. The city will have a central library and three regional libraries offering a wide range of services. Additional library services will be primarily provided together with other service visits.”


What is the Central Library?

  • The Central Library supports social well-being and creates a space for people, culture, information, learning and experiences to meet.

  • The Central Library provides opportunities to create information and get to know future services by bringing the latest technology for customers to try out.

  • The Central Library is a lively space where citizens can feel at home, develop on themselves on their own or through various courses and events. The customers can, for instance, book a workspace or arrange a knitting club by themselves.

  • The Central Library is the core of multi-literacy skills where the customers can listen, watch and read.

  • The Central Library is a pioneer of sustainable development. The Central Library is the ecological opposite of a mall: a place where you can have fun and spend time with your friends without buying anything.


What would you like to see, do and experience in the new central library? You can influence the future library services by answering a short survey and telling us your wishes and opinions. Leave your e-mail address at the end of the survey for a chance to win a book gift card.

Thank you in advance for your participation – we value your opinion!

Link to the survey