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Local libraries

In addition to the main library there are 22 local libraries in different parts of the city. The libraries have books for children, youth and adults. Many local libraries also loan music and films.

In the local libraries you can borrow any materials of OUTI libraries and return them in your own local library.

All local libraries have magazines and newspapers for reading.

In local libraries customers can also use computers. There is wireless panOulu network in every library.

Asema library
Haukipudas library
Jääli library
Kaakkuri library
Kaijonharju library
Karjasilta library
Kaukovainio library
Kello library
Kiiminki library
Koskela library
Maikkula library
Martinniemi library
Myllyoja library
Oulunsalo library
Pateniemi library
Puolivälinkangas library
Rajakylä library
Ritaharju library
Tuira library
Yli-Ii library
Ylikiiminki library