Merikoski Upper Secondary School is an upper secondary school situated in the city of Oulu in northern Finland. We are a medium-sized school with c. 300 students in all and a yearly intake of 100.  The same building also houses an upper level comprehensive school. There are spacious rooms for Art and Music Education in the annex.  The building has been made accessible for physically challenged students.  Most bus routes in Oulu pass through Merikoskenkatu bus stop, which is about 200 meters from the school.

We aim to provide a broad-based general program of education in a positive and encouraging atmosphere.  Students can plan their schedules and choose courses independently. We offer a wide range of courses in subjects belonging to the national core curriculum, including those preparing specifically for the Matriculation Examination. 

Most students take English and Swedish, but it also possible to study German (long and short course) and French.  You can also study Finnish as a second language in Merikoski, which makes Merikoski particularly suitable for foreign-born students.