Preschool Transportation

A child’s transportation to and from preschool is primarily the responsibility of the guardian or a guide authorized by the guardian. The preschool pupil may travel to the preschool alone if it has been agreed in writing with the preschool staff. It is possible to forbid the preschool pupil from travelling alone with a justified reason.  


Transportation is arranged if: 

  • Distance is longer than 5 kilometers in one direction 

  • Koululiitu safety requirements are not met (travel is not safe) 

  • Travel is deemed too difficult, exhausting, or dangerous for the child by the professional statement of a doctor, social worker, or psychologist. 

  • Travel from family day care to preschool and back with specific reason, considering the local circumstances (local school policy). For example, if there are no daycare centres that offer preschool education in the area and the preschool place is located in the child’s future school. 

  • More information on school transportation principles (such as, how are distances calculated) you will find the School Transportation Guide. 

Transportation is not arranged 

  • For daycare 

  • For private preschool education or daycare 

Applying for transportation benefits

Granting Transportation Benefits

Temporary Need for Transportation