Preschool Swim School Week

Preschool-aged girl is swimming

According to the preschool curriculum, children in preschool participate in a week-long Swim School in Oulu Swimming Pool, Raatti Swimming Pool, or Vesi-Jatuli. Swim School Week is part of preschool activities and is free of charge to the families.


The goals of Swim School Week 

The goals of Swim School Week are for the child to learn independent movement in water, get wet, soak their face, and learn to blow into the water. The daycare centre staff are in charge of the children in the dressing rooms, showers, and taking the children to the pools. In the pool area, the swimming instructor is in charge of the children. If there are special needs children in the group who need an assistant in the water, the daycare centre will provide the assistant.  


Children’s swimming equipment 

Swimsuit, towel, and sauna bench towel are placed into a bag with the child’s name on it. The children may bring their own swimming goggles, but goggles can also be borrowed from the facility. 


Transportation between the swimming pool and daycare centre 

Transportation to the facility is free of charge (50-person limit in buses). Private daycare centres arrange and pay for the transportation themselves. Saaga Travel is in charge of all transportations.
Contact person Pentti Tiitinen,, tel. 040 652 1082. 


Daycare centre swimming reservations 

Daycare centre swimming reservations can be found in the file below.  

Ylikiiminki, Yli-Ii, Alakylä, and Tirinkylä preschool swimming is accommodated with school swimming. 
Preschools at Oulunsalo schools join the school swimming sessions and are notified by  the school. 
Kirkonkylä School, Niemenranta School, Christian School, and Swedish School preschool swimming is arranged during school swim week. 
In Steiner daycare centres Punavarpunen and Toivonkaari, swimming is arranged during school swim week 9.00-10.00.  


Instructions for daycare centre staff 

  • Daycare centre must fill the name list and deliver it one week before Swim School Week to 
  • Those swimming in Vesi-Jatuli will send their name list to 
  • Swim School instructions are found on the first page of the swimming reservation list 
  • Inform the swimming instructor about possible matters concerning group guidance
    - the swimming instructors want to know beforehand of all special needs