Preschool Pupil Welfare

In preschool your child is included in student welfare. The child is entitled to healthcare, school social work, and psychologist services. In preschool, the child receives support as a part of daily care and education. The goal of pupil welfare is prevention, recognition, and removal of learning obstacles, learning difficulties, and other problems that disrupt preschool education. Pupil welfare secures the possibility for equal growth and learning for everyone.  

If you are concerned for your child’s health in preschool or in their free time, you may discuss it with the preschool staff or contact the daycare centre’s special education teacher directly. 


Supporting growth and learning 

Preschool plays a significant role in recognizing the need for support in growth and learning, providing that support, and preventing difficulties. In preschool, the child is entitled to receive the support their development and learning requires, immediately as the need arises.  

Three levels of support: 

  • General support – individual support actions immediately as the need arises

  • Enhanced support – regular support, multiple forms of support simultaneously

  • Special support – constant support, all forms of support Basic Education Act lists are available 

The child’s support continues into basic education if needed. The need for support and the forms of support are reviewed when basic education starts. 

The forms of support are: General Support, Enhanched Support, and Special Support. Forms of Pedagogical, Structural, and Therapeutic Support are in use.
Different forms of support