Collaboration Between Preschool and Primary Education

The city of Oulu’s operations model for preschool and primary education aims to create an uninterrupted path from preschool education to basic education and support the child’s growth into a member of a school community.  

The collaboration between preschool and primary education is regular, systematic, and goal-oriented. The operations model enables the individual consideration of each child, timely support, and promotion of participation. 

The collaboration between preschool and primary education enables children of different ages to work in different learning groups. The staff is responsible for development, planning, and implementation of the collaboration.  

The aim of the close collaboration is to plan and arrange collaborative learning modules during the school year. The aim is to work together and develop collaborative working culture.  

Pedagogy of 5–8 years-old children

Path of Learning in Oulu (video in Finnish, English subtitles available)