What is Preschool Education?

Preschool education is a part of the lifelong path of learning that begins from home and early childhood care and continues to basic education after preschool. Preschool education includes activities supporting the child’s learning, participation, development, and growth. 

During the preschool year there is playing, sport, exploring, practicing art, gathering information, and problem solving. Preschool education reinforces the child’s self-esteem and offers positive learning experiences. Varied interaction and friendship skills are practiced with other children of the same age in preschool groups.  

It is important for the child’s growth and learning that they are offered varied learning experiences that reinforce their idea of self as a learner and prepare them for school during the preschool year. The child is offered experiences of belonging and working in a peer group. 

Preschool education adheres to its own curriculum that is founded on national principles. Services supporting growth and learning as well as pupil welfare services are offered in preschool if needed. 


Does preschool education include school subjects? 

Preschool does not include school subjects like schools do. Learning is realized in learning modules, that are planned based on children’s interests. 

Preschool education promotes children’s varied skills in: 

  • Thinking and learning 
  • Cultural knowledge, interaction, and expression 
  • Self-care and daily life skills 
  • Multiliteracy 
  • Information and communication technology 
  • Participation and influence 

The best courses of action to support the child’s growth, development, and learning prerequisites is discussed with the guardian when the child is starting preschool education. The agreed course of action is listed in the child’s preschool education plan. 

In Oulu, the basis of preschool education is regularity of participation. The procedure is that all absences, excluding those due to illness, are reported. Request permission to be absent for 1-5 days from the preschool teacher, for longer periods from the daycare centre manager. Permission for absence is always granted and there will be no need for compensatory tasks.