Preschool Education in other Languages

Preschool in English 

English preschool education is offered in Pikku-Aino Daycare Centre to children who pass separate language tests. English preschool education is also offered in Allinpuisto Daycare Centre and the English Speaking Playschool of Oulu. 

Language-enriched preschool education is offered in Tuulikello and Knuutilankangas Daycare Centres. In Tuulikello Daycare Centre, some groups of over 3-year-olds are bilingual (Finnish-English). In bilingual groups, English and Finnish are used as a teaching language and in everyday situations, riddles and songs, playtime etc..

Preschool in Swedish 

Preschool education in Swedish is provided in Svenska Barnträdgården (private). 

Preschool in German 

Language-enriched preschool education in German is provided in Saksanpähkinä Daycare Centre (private). The child does not require previous skill with the language in language-enriched preschool education. The language is used in songs, rhymes, playtime, and other everyday activities. 

Native Language Teaching 

Native language teaching is provided each year for children of the largest language groups. Native language learning groups may change each year. Each child has personal starting points and goals in their language learning. The native language teacher cooperates with the child and the learning group staff. The goal is to support and maintain the child’s native language and culture identity. 

Native language teaching is taught by teachers who speak the language natively. Daycare centre staff may organize native language teaching clubs if needed. The guardian is responsible for maintaining and developing the child’s native language. 

If possible, preschool children may participate in school native language lessons. Native language learning groups are established in basic education if there are enough participants (at least 6). Applying takes place in August, the teaching starts in September. 

More information on immigrant education can be found on the basic education website.