Interlibrary loans


Ordering interlibrary loans

If a book or some other desired title is not in the collection of any of the OUTI Libraries, it can be ordered as an interlibrary loan (ILL) from another library in Finland (or even from abroad). 

If the title belongs to the collections of the OUTI Libraries, it will not be ordered as an interlibrary loan. Therefore, before ordering, please make sure to check if the item can be found through the catalogue search in the OUTI Web Library. You can make a free reservation for items found in the collections of OUTI Libraries in the web library.

The library which lends us the material determines the loan period and the number of renewals. We follow the national interlibrary loan guidelines and regulations. Renewal of interlibrary loans is free of charge. Other library users might place a hold on the item which in turn prevents renewals.
One customer can have a maximum of 20 interlibrary loans at a time.

Interlibrary loans can be requested

  • primarily through the online form (requires a library card and PIN)
  • by visiting the local library
  • if the form cannot be used, by e-mail:  
  • music interlibrary loans from the music department:

Remember to cancel your ILL order if you have placed the order but you no longer need the loan. You can cancel your order by notifying the library. If an interlibrary loan has already been ordered and is on its way from the sender library, you have to pay for the interlibrary loan. If the order is cancelled before it has been shipped from the sender library, there is no need to pay for the loan.

Audio, DVDs, BluRays, audiobooks or other AV material cannot be ordered from abroad. E-books and other electronic/digital materials cannot be ordered as interlibrary loans.

The Oulu City Library is not responsible for the condition of the items received as interlibrary loans.



Interlibrary loans have a handling fee of 1 €. Additionally, some of the sender libraries charge a fee of 1–15 €. If the total price of the interlibrary loan exceeds the handling fee of 1 €, the library will be in touch with you before ordering.

By submitting an interlibrary loan request you agree to pay the handling fee. Interlibrary loans are paid as they are picked up from your library of choice. If the pick-up library does not have a cash register, the fees are added to your library card.


Loan periods

The library sending us the material will determine the loan period and the amount of renewals. Renewing interlibrary loans is free. Other users might make reservations on the material, which will prevent renewing the interlibrary loan.


Picking up your interlibrary loan

You can choose any local library of the Oulu City Library as the pick-up location when ordering. Interlibrary loans cannot be picked up during library self-service hours.

You will see the due date of the interlibrary loan when you pick up the item. You must take care of renewing your interlibrary loans on time. Interlibrary loans do not appear in the OUTI Web Library in the same way as regular loans.

Interlibrary loans can be returned to any local library of the Oulu City Library.


Renewing your interlibrary loan

You can check your own interlibrary loans and send a request for renewal by using the online interlibrary loan form. First enter your library card number and PIN, then select ‘view loans’.

If the online form cannot be used, a renewal request can also be sent by e-mail:
Music-related interlibrary loans are renewed by the music department at the Karjasilta Library:, tel. +358 8 558 47352.



Interlibrary loans for libraries

Libraries can order items as an interlibrary loan from the Oulu City Library. Libraries can place orders by e-mail:

Interlibrary loan form

You can send interlibrary loan requests, check your own interlibrary loans, and send renewal requests all through the same form. Use of the form requires a library card and PIN for security reasons.