OSYK in English


Oulun Suomalaisen Yhteiskoulun lukio (Upper Secondary School) 

Oulun Suomalaisen Yhteiskoulun lukio (OSYK) is a well-respected upper secondary school that emphasizes wide-scale art education. The task of our school is to strengthen general education and develop a critical, creative and independent mindset. Our learning objective is to help students become honest, independent, cooperative and problem-solving citizens, who will have the ability to work responsibly and with compassion at a local and global level.

Students’ interest in science and arts is promoted, and diverse, ethical and aesthetic experiences provided. In addition, students are prepared for the future considering a sustainable and humane lifestyle as well as lifelong learning in an increasingly complex world.

The school prepares students for further studies: universities, universities of applied sciences and vocational colleges. A wide-scale arts education is emphasized; the main subjects being drama and visual arts. These subjects are integrated into everyday practices in the school.

The values of our school are based on the Finnish culture and traditions respecting our mother-tongues and humanistic values. These values include honesty, moral courage, reciprocal caring and accountability.

The school is a Unesco ASPnet school sharing common global objectives.

The broad variety of courses that are available enables students to realize individual learning plans. The annual matriculation examination results at OSYK are exceptional. Our school is recognized for the diverse selection of language studies offered: Swedish (another official language in Finland), English, German, Russian and Spanish courses. In addition, English can be studied as a second language (ESL) based on the national ENA curriculum but with different methods and pedagogy.