Ylikiiminki library


Centralized customer service: tel. 08 558 47337, info.kirjasto(at)ouka.fi

The library is located in Ylikiiminki school.
Koulurinne 3, 91300 Ylikiiminki
Tel. 08 5587 0656, ylikiiminki.kirjasto(at)ouka.fi


Opening hours:

  Librarian on premises Self-service use
Mon 12:00–19:00 09:00–21:00
Tue 12:00–19:00 09:00–21:00
Wed 09:00–15:00 09:00–21:00
Thu 09:00–15:00 09:00–21:00
Fri 09:00–15:00 09:00–21:00
Sat   09:00–17:00
Sun   09:00–17:00

Ylikiiminki library is a self-service library. You can use the library outside normal opening hours. A valid OUTI library card and PIN (Personal Identification Number) are required to enter the library when there are no library staff members on the premises. You can get your PIN from the library. Read more about using the self-service libraries.

  • Wireless panOULU network
  • Copying machine
  • Two computers (internet and Microsoft Office software)