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Madetoja Music High School Madetoja Music High School

  • The only high school in Northern Finland which specializes in music
  • In Finland there are 10 high schools specializing in music
  • About 340 students, 45 teachers
  • Students are 15—19 years old
  • Students come from all over Finland
  • In our school it is possible to study as an exchange student
  • Studies take 3—4 years
  • In our school students study the same academic subjects as in other high schools, such as Finnish and Literature, foreign languages, Mathematics, Biology, History and Psychology
  • Students take the Matriculation Examination
  • Students from Madetoja have succeeded in entering various educational establishments
  • Our school has an entrance exam
  • Our school provides possibilities of making and studying music purposefully
  • Both classical and pop music can be studied in our school,
  • Music studies include the theory of music, the history of music, singing and playing, ear training, studying individually or in a group (bands and chamber music ensembles), choirs, orchestras and a big band.