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About Pateniemi School in English About Pateniemi School in English


Pateniemi comprehensive school is located in the city of Oulu. Oulu is the sixth largest city in Finland, located 600 km north from Helsinki. The closeness of the sea is an important feature of Oulu; our school is located only 1 km from the the Gulf of Bothnia. At the moment, Oulu is the fastest growing city in northern Europe, with a more than 400-year-long history of international shipping, trade and industry.

Our school was founded in 1873 as a school for the nearby sawmill workers' children. In those times the area was characterized by a very prominent sawmill industry. These days there are 433 pupils in our primary school, and we are a technologically well-equipped school in a peaceful suburban area.

In our school we aim to maintain a good standard of general education on primary and secondary levels. Our school is also taking part in various media pursuits, developing the learning environment in many ways, for example, arranging video projects at our school. Other current projects focus on outdoor activities during breaks, and also on reading skills and literature. Our school has also been involved in many Comenius projects with other European schools. At the moment we participate in a project called ‘Media meets Art' with partner schools from Austria, Denmark, England and France. 

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