Our school in English

Pöllönkangas school is a comprehensive school in the city of Oulu . There are c. 500 students (6-16 years) and about 40 teachers at our school. The head teacher of the school is Mr. Risto Saartoala. Our school building is situated in the middle of private houses.

Our school year starts mid-August and ends at the end of May or the first week in June. We have two terms, autumn and spring term, altogether 190 school days. During the school terms there are several shorter holiday periods. A normal day consists of four to seven lessons, each lasting 45 min, and a lunch break. Free school lunch is served for all the pupils every day.

The core subjects taught to all pupils in the basic education syllabus are the mother tongue and literature (Finnish or Swedish), the other official language, one foreign language, environmental studies, health education, religion or ethics, history, social studies, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, physical education, music, art and crafts, and home economics. Guidance counselling must also be provided for students. In addition, optional subjects are taught, which are determined locally by local authorities and schools.

City of Oulu