Advice & Guidance

Oulu10 offers information, guidance and advice on all city services.  

With the customer computer located in Oulu10 you can manage your affairs in electronic services, and print, for example, forms, pay city bills or buy tickets and other products. You can also take care of Kela's affairs online. 

The customer service point in the city centre has an immediate interpretation service, which makes the service available in numerous languages. 

If necessary, you can also receive guidance in using electronic services and filling in forms. 

You can also acquire the City of Oulu brochures at Oulu10 service points. 

You can also contact Oulu10 customer service by sending email to

Follow these steps

Ask for advice from OuluBot, contact us by phone or email, or visit Oulu10 service point. You can also ask for advice on the City of Oulu's Facebook, Instagram and X sites. Your question will be answered by an Oulu10 customer service representative. If necessary, they will refer you further to another specialist in the city. 

If OuluBot cannot answer your question, it will redirect your conversation to a customer service representative. You can also ask OuluBot to transfer your conversation to a customer service representative. In addition, you can leave a message to OuluBot in evenings and on weekends. Oulu10 service specialist will process your message on the next business day. 

You have around-the-clock access to the City of Oulu's electronic services and website. 

You can download OuluBot on your mobile device. You can find more instructions on the OuluBot website.


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