The ABCs of Event Organizing

The ABCs of Event Organizing guides you step-by-step to a successful event.

Things to consider before beginning event production

Event organizer's checklist

Idea, theme, name and purpose of the event

What is the idea and theme of your event? What would be a suitable name? What is the purpose of your event? What kind of a vision do you want to create of your event? If you want someone else to organize the event for you, you can hire an event producer. You can find event producers on the Subcontracting services page.

Target audience

At whom is your event mainly targeted? How is the target audience narrowed down? Overlaps – what other events are organized at the same time? You can find events organized at the same time from Oulu Event Calendar

Time and venue

When are you organizing your event? What is the duration? Where is it organized? Is the venue large enough? What methods of transportation are available? Is the venue accessible? Schedule a time for the initial or final inspection of the area or space, where you review the condition and cleanliness of the space or area together with the tenant or permit issuer. Read more on our Venues page.

Project schedule and other events

At what timeline does the planning of your event begin? What are important dates, for example, confirming reservations and by when do you need to submit permits? Read more on the Permits and notifications page.

Budget and budget monitoring

How large is your budget and what does it comprise of? Do possible sponsors have specific conditions that you need to consider? How do you monitor your budget? How are you prepared for exceeding the budget and possible unexpected expenses? Read more tips on our Funding page.

Permits, notifications and insurances

Have you obtained all necessary permits and submitted all required notifications before the event? Have you obtained all necessary insurances? Read more on our Permits and notifications page.

Technology, decoration and furnishing

What kind of technology does your event require? Do you need to decorate the space specifically for the theme, for example, with flowers? What kind of furniture (for example, tables and chairs) does the event require? How much in advance do you need to start preparing the venue? When will it be taken down? You can find event technology professionals on our Subcontracting page.

Program and performers

What kind of program does your event have? Who will be performing? What happens when there are no performances? Side events? Does your event need a presenter? You can hire performers through performer agencies, which you can find from our Subcontracting page.

Marketing and communications plan

How and where do you reach your target audience? How do you promote your event? Who writes announcements and when are they forwarded? How will you use different medias? How is the media taken into account before the event, during it and after? Who will create the visual appearance? What printed material do you need and where are they printed? You can add your event to Oulu Event Calendar. Read more on the Communications and marketing page.


Check if your event needs a rescue and safety plan. If it does, who will draw it up? Who will be the head of safety? How many security stewards do you need? Do you need a first aid station and who will be on duty there? Are there a sufficient number of exit routes at your venue? Read more tips on the Safety page. Remember, that the event organizer is always responsible for the safety of the event.

Tickets and invitations

Do you sell tickets for your event and if you do, where? Do you sell tickets at the venue? If you do, do you accept cash and card payments? Do you need to invite anyone to your event? Will you include partners in the tickets in some way? What will be written on the tickets? Are there VIP tickers and if so, what is included in them? You can find various actors to whom you can outsource ticket sales on the Subcontracting page.

Restaurant services

Does you event include restaurant services? Do you organize them yourself or outsource them? You can find catering service providers on the Subcontracting page.

Waste management and cleaning

Who will be responsible for waste management? How many toilets do you need for your event? What about hand washing units? How many and kind of waste bins do you need to prepare? Who will clean the space or area where your event takes place and how? You can find waste management companies for example on the city of Oulu's Urban and Environmental Services page.

Transport, parking and traffic control

Do you need to arrange transportation to the venue or is possible to get there by foot or using public transportation? What about cars, where can you park them? Do you need to pay for parking? Are there traffic controllers to aid with traffic management? Have you prepared safety vests for them? You can find companies that provide transport services on the Subcontracting page


Who are included in the staff? How can they distinguished from the audience? How do you pay them or are they volunteering? How will you arrange food, breaks and break rooms for them? You can find companies providing event staff on the Subcontracting page.

Recording the event

Who will record your event and how? Will the material be distributed afterwards through social media, for example? You can find photography and videography professionals on the Subcontracting page.

Processing feedback

How will you collect feedback from your event? How will you get people to give feedback? How will you process the feedback? How will you use the feedback in your next event? You can find various templates online for drawing up a visitor survey, for example, which is an effective tool for collecting feedback for your event.