Alakööki - Developement Unit for Sustainable Development and Cultural Education in Early Education

Alakööki shall

  • plan and carry out eventful activities for the daycare unit 
  • develop and promote sustainable development education and cultural education
  • organise activities and visits in cooperation with various cultural institutions and other operators in the City
  • operate as the local Green Flag promoter of the Finnish Environmental Education Society
  • develop physical education activities at daycare (so-called Mobile Early Education Project)

The corner stone of Alakööki is built on

  • early education and preschool plans for the City daycare
  • City environmental programme
  • locality

Alakööki expands the learning environment horizons for daycare units.

Alakööki organises activities for instance in the following locations:

  • Hupisaaret City Park
  • Timosenkoski Nature School camping site
  • The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum
  • Oulu Museum of Art
  • Oulu City Theatre
  • Oulu City Library
  • daycare centres
  • woods and parks close to daycare centres
  • family cafes organised by Mannerheim League for Child Welfare


Hanna Tuomala tel. +358405535357
Tarja Mankinen tel. +358404809278

Postal Code
Alakööki/Ainolan päiväkoti
Koulukatu 1
90100 Oulu

Location / Visiting address
Hupisaarten kaupunginpuisto City Park

The Hupisaari islands, a group of dozens of small islands and parks in the Oulujoki River estuary, are absolutely charming. In addition to parks, these lush islands with their white bridges feature wild meadows and groves. The botanic gardens which were previously located here left behind a rich heritage that flourishes on the islands of Paratiisisaari and Kiikkusaari. The most famous of the parks, Ainolan Puisto Park, is home to several monuments.