Information for Plot Tenants

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Lease Invoicing 

Inquiries about contracts, change of address and invoicing matters: 


  • tel. 044 703 2613, tel. 044 703 2372 

Copies of lease contracts: 

Extension of a single-family home plot lease contract after the contract expires 

As a rule, the city of Oulu extends single-family home plot lease contracts by renewing them for 35 years. In connection, the city will review the lease contract’s rent to match present rent levels. Zonal prices have no effect on lease contracts that are in effect and their rental payments remain the same for the duration of the contract. A new land lease contract’s rental payment will be 4% of the new zonal price (see the zonal prices in the map service; in Finnish). In extended contracts, the rental payment will gradually rise to match the new price (50% for years 1-5 and 75% for years 6-10). Exceptions have been set for some areas which will be followed the first time the contract is extended. 

Inquiries for signing new lease contracts: 


  • tel. 044 703 2613, tel. 044 703 2372 

Inquiries about lease contract conditions and pricing: 

Purchasing rented single-family home plots 

The city of Oulu sells single-family home plots to renters at zonal prices. The single-family home plot must be built. The rental payments end when the purchase contract is signed. 

As a rule, the city does not sell rental plots located near the city centre. These areas are marked as “Tapauskohtaisesti” (case-by-case basis) in the zone map. 

Single-family home plot zonal prices 2024

Single-family home plot zonal prices 2024

The rental and purchase prices are presented in the table on the left. See the zonal prices on the map service as well (in Finnish). 

The following costs are included in purchasing rented plots on top of the purchase price: 

  • Transfer tax (4% of the purchase price) 

  • Purchase witness’s reward 

  • Registration costs 

In order to purchase a rented plot, please deliver the signed application to the city of Oulu Urban and Environmental Services, Solistinkatu 2, 90015 Oulun kaupunki or via e-mail to the address 

Inquiries about purchasing rented plots: 


  • tel. 040 575 8082 or tel. 044 703 2224 

Inquiries about arranging purchase conclusion: 


  • tel. 040 703 2362