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Holiday Home Plots 


The city of Oulu offers holiday home plots in the Kellonlahti region in Virpiniemi and in Tannila, Yli-Ii and shorefront holiday home building sites in Inninkoski, Ylikiiminki.  

7 of the building sites are located along the Siuruanjoki River in Tannila, Yli-Ii and 4 along the Kiiminkijoki River in Inninkoski, Ylikiiminki. The plots are visible and can be applied for in the plot application service (in Finnish). 

It is possible to establish an electricity connection to the plots of Inninkoski with Oulun Seudun Sähkö for the estimated price of 9000 – 12 000 €.  

There are holiday home plots in the Kellonlahti region in Virpiniemi for both corporate and private holiday home construction. Additionally, in the area, there are plots for services supporting tourism and holiday housing on offer.  

Animal Sport Plots

Paddock, blonde horse and a carer

Plots suitable for animal sport use are offered by the city in the Kellonlahti region in Virpiniemi. 

The plots can be applied for continuously with a freeform application. 

The plots are visible in the city’s plot application service (in Finnish). 

Building practice instructions for professional builders (in Finnish). 

Virpiniemen Hevosystävät Ry association charges a 1200 € payment for new stables in the area, the charge covers the initial costs of the training track. Additionally, they charge maintenance fees for the racetracks and training tracks. 

Plots for Group Building 

Applying for group building plots 

You may inquire about group building plots from the city’s plot services. 

Stock picture of Myllyntullinkatu 3
Picture: PAVE Arkkitehdit Inc.

Myllytullinkatu 3 group building 

The city has arranged a draw of block 37 in Myllytulli that is suitable for group building. The block is reserved to Projektijohtajat Oy by the Urban Environmental Committee’s decision on 30.11.2022. 

The chosen group and consultant must follow group building legislation when advancing the project. The city makes a contract with the realizing group which binds the group to separately tender the construction provider.  

Plot details:

- Address: Myllytullinkatu 3, property identifier 564-6-37-4 

  • Area 583 m², building rights 800 k- m² 

  • 3 floors 

  • The rental period is 60 years. Rent is approximately 20 €/k- m² based on the 2022 price level. 

  • The building group pays a one-time payment of 100 €/k- m² when renting the plot, altogether 80 000 €.  

A minimum of six (6) apartments must be built on the Myllytullinkatu 3 plot. The plot is reserved to the building group for a year after the decision, during that time the group must approve the plot operation plan with Building Control. Construction must be finished on the plot within three (3) after signing the lease contract.  

City Geodesist
Veikko Lehtinen