Single-Family Home Plots

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Single-Family Home Plot Applications in 2024 

The city arranges two single-family home application rounds and two additional application periods in 2024.  

Application round dates: 

  • Spring single-family home application round: 29.1–19.2.2024 (based on bids) 
  • Spring additional application round: 25.3.–27.3.2024 (withdrawn rental plots) 
  • Fall single-family home application round: 12.8.–2.9.2024 (for rent or purchase) 
  • Fall additional application round: 4.11.–6.11.2024 (withdrawn rental plots) 

Plots all over Oulu can be applied for. You may examine the plots up for application in the materials below. Applications that are delivered after the application round has ended will not be processed. 

In 2024, a 550 € processing fee is charged, if a plot received in a draw is withdrawn before paying the reservation fee or before the lease or contract of purchase are signed. 

The sale and lease prices follow the zonal prices that are tied to the cost-of-living index. In the spring additional application round, the fall application round and the fall additional application round, the applicant may decide whether they purchase or lease the plot they are applying for. Afterwards, a 10-year waiting period comes into effect, meaning that the applicant cannot apply for plots if they have leased or purchased a plot from the city after 2014. 

Public tree felling is being done in Hiukkavaara, Vähäoja, Korvenkylä and Niemenranta, trees are felled on the plots as well.  

Single-family home plot year clock 2024 shows the application times.
Single-family home plot year clock 2024 shows the application times.

Continuous applications for single-family home plots 

Plots that are withdrawn from the temporary application rounds are added to the plots up for continuous applications. The plots are first visible for one week and up for application after that starting from 8.00 o’clock. The continuous applications are temporarily terminated for the duration of the temporary application rounds. 

The plots are reserved for the first applicant leaving an application. If the service does not allow you to apply for a plot, it is probable that someone has applied for the plot before you. Only one application can be sent by one applicant or by one household. 

After receiving a reservation decision, the applicant will conduct all needed soil testing with their statement of establishments before signing the lease or purchase contract. The soil testing must be conducted according to the Building Control’s instructions, see the basic requirements of soil testing and statement of establishments (in Finnish). Reserve plenty of time for the soil testing because receiving thorough results can take up to 3 months. 

Plot application instructions 

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