Professional Construction Plots

General professional construction residential plot draws are arranged twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. The draw is arranged in April in the spring and in the fall, the draw is arranged in September. The city prepares a plot assignment plan at the start of the year that presents the specific draw dates, assigned plots and assignment practices. 

The year clock presents the application periods and draws.
The year clock presents the application periods and draws.

Continuous applications updated 19.6.2023 

Plots that were not reserved after general plot draws and withdrawn plots are transferred into continuous applications. New plots are registered into continuous applications in the beginning of June. The plots are presented and can be applied for in the plot application service (in Finnish). The plots up for continuous applications are reserved in the order of application. The following minimum conditions apply to plots up for continuous applications: 

  • The business’s credit rating is A or higher 

  • The business’s line of activity is building residential and other buildings (41200) (an exception can be made if the applicant can present trustworthy references of residential construction) 

  • The applicant does not have unpaid rental payments or reservation fees to the city 


The city announces the beginning of general plot applications in papers, on the city website and social media channels. Additionally, we announce the current applications via e-mail on the professional builders’ mailing list. You may join the mailing list by contacting the address 

Plot Assignment Process

Filling in the application

Reservation decision

The Urban Environmental Committee makes the reservation decision. The reservation is in effect for 6-8 months.

Planning begins

During the reservation period, the plot planning begins. The plot recipient must conduct soil testing and write up a plot operation plan which must be accepted by Building Control. Instructions for planning and writing an operation plan (in Finnish). 

Signing the lease agreement

Before being granted a building permit, the applicant must sign a long-term lease agreement. Book a signing appointment with the Urban and Environmental Services contract manufacturer.  

Building permit

Before beginning construction, the plot must be granted a building permit. Contact Building Control on matters of building permits.  


Once the lease agreement is signed and you have a building permit, you may begin construction. 

Further information about professional construction plots