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A Plot Full of Room to Grow 

Choose Oulu’s business plots and turn your business’s story into a success story. We will support your plot needs in the best possible way – quickly and flexibly.  

All plots offer great means of access and pre-prepared municipal engineering. There are over 100 finished plots waiting for you, so contact us and we will choose the best possible location for your business together. 

The plot prices are tied to the cost-of-living index. Additionally, every 10 years a 10% increase is added to the rents of industry, commercial premises and business plots.  

The city of Oulu’s entire plot selection can be seen on the plot application service (in Finnish). 

Once you have found a suitable plot for your business needs together with our experts, please fill in the plot application below and deliver it to Urban and Environmental Services to the address  

The city of Oulu’s business plot allocation areas

The city of Oulu’s business plot areas 

Further information about business plots

Industry Plots 

We offer plenty of ready and planned plots for business needs within the range of municipal engineering. The industrial areas are Rusko-Ruskonselkä, Takalaanila, Holstinmäki, the Välikylä Business Park and the Honkimaa industrial area among others. The plots are presented and can be applied for in the plot application service (in Finnish). 

Business and Premises Plots 

The areas suitable for business and premises plots are Oulunportti, Kuivasranta, the Välikylä Business Park and the Annalankangas industrial area among others. 

The areas suitable for logistics businesses are Holstinmäki and the Välikylä Business Park among others. The plots are presented and can be applied for in the plot application service (in Finnish). 

Service Plots 

The plots, depending on city plans and areas, are suitable for producing different services. The plots are presented and can be applied for in the plot application service (in Finnish).

Välimaa Circular Economy Area 

The Välimaa Circular Economy Area is a 150-hectare area that has the operational preconditions for multiple operators. The area is located in Oulu, by Kiimingintie (road 849) about 7 km north of the urban area. The distance between the Oulu city centre and Välimaa is approximately 28 km. The basis for the area’s development is material efficiency as well as new, innovative solutions and products. Participate in the developing industry and reserve a spot for your business in Välimaa! Further information about Välimaa (in Finnish).

Already Finished Premises 

See the already finished premises from the Business Oulu website. 

Plot Operation Plan 

Ordering plot operation plan materials 

  • Base map materials for planning are ordered from the map store (in Finnish) 

  • Street plans can be ordered in PDF-form from the address: