Search for a Tourism Developer and Operator for Koiteli

Koteli Rapids


The city of Oulu’s Urban and Environmental Services is searching for an operator to develop the tourism area Koiteli.  

The planning zone is 3875 m². Building rights in the planning area covers about 636 floor square meters (k-m²). About 946 m² of the planning area is covered by trees that must be preserved. 

The applicant may also apply to operate on only a part of the area. 

Koiteli is regionally a valuable tourism destination that has a high cultural-historical value. The area’s values are based on the special features of its riverbeds, rapids, islands, shores and nature. Approximately 80 000 people visit Koiteli annually. In Koiteli, one can observe nature, go hiking, swim, fish, spend time on the shore cliffs and enjoy a picnic in the rest areas. The rushing rapids offer experiences to canoeists of many skill levels. Read more about Koiteli’s recreational uses (in Finnish).

The application must include a description of the planned operations, execution and schedule. The following considerations should be included in the application: the extent of constructions (k-m²), room program (k-m²), area need (m²), cost estimate, funding, the property’s future owner and operator, conceptual drawings of main features that describe the project and all further information the applicant believes the city’s decision-making parties should know. The application should also include the considerations of the project’s tourism business’s realism and probability of realization.  

Sending in an application 

Send the application to the address 

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