Information about Plots and Areas

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Information about the city of Oulu’s plots and plot assignment areas. Guidance for different stages of construction from the Builder’s Path page (in Finnish).

Building practice instructions 

Single-family home builder’s building practice instructions (in Finnish) and other guides can be found on the Building Control’s building guidance page (in Finnish).

  • Soittajankangas building practice instructions must be followed in Hiukkavaara Centre, Soittajankangas (pdf; in Finnish).

City plans in effect 

The city of Oulu region’s city plans currently in effect are found in the Karttatie Service. The service’s user interface is in English, but contents are in Finnish. You may inspect the official city plan and regulations by choosing the desired planning zone and clicking “Further information” in the pop-up window.  

You may follow the city plan projects also on the Plans & Projects page (in Finnish).

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