Private Plot Market

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Notification practices 

The city of Oulu assists plot owners in notifying undeveloped and city planned single-family home plots that are privately owned.  

The system is based on plots and contact information issued by the owner or some other private notifier. The plot owner or notifier is responsible for the authenticity of information and for offering further information about the plots. 

The goal is to offer a service where a plot applicant may apply for privately owned plots on top of the city-offered plots. 

The notification will be visible after about a week since it was sent (the table is updated on Thursdays). The notification can only be removed by the plot owner. See the privately notified plots on the Karttatie service (in Finnish). 

The notifier must ensure that the address is correct, and it can be found in the Oulu Region’s map service Karttatie. If the map link is missing, the plot’s address is missing from the city’s address registry. More information about adding an address to a property (in Finnish). 

The possible plot sales are always prepared and finalized by the plot owner and the buyer in the manner they agree on together. The city does not take any part in sale preparation.  

Privately Notified Plots on Karttatie

Report a single-family home plot for sale (www-form; in Finnish)

In order to remove a notification, please contact the e-mail The notice of removal must be sent from the same e-mail address the original notification was sent from. Further information on the private plot market can inquired from the e-mail address: