Hartaanselänranta is a new residential area of the future, next to the delta area of Oulujoki river – only 2km away from Oulu city center. The area is situated on both sides of the Oulujoki river delta area called Hartaanselkä. The eastern waterfront is called Hartaanranta and it is probably familiar to many Oulu residents for its characteristic brick warehouses.  The western waterfront areas are called Vaakunakylä and Lehtokylä, and are situated on the island of Hietasaari, surrounded by greenery. 

The entire area is currently being developed into a diverse housing-oriented area that respects the characteristics of the delta in terms of cityscape and the nature. The future goal is that the area will serve all  Oulu residents and connect to the recreational network around the delta area. The area will be home for 2000 residents. The Urban and Environmental Services of the City of Oulu organization is in charge of the development of the area.  

Vaakunanranta located in the new Hartaanselänranta neighbourhood will be the arena for the Finnish Housing Fair in 2025. The Finnish Housing Fair is an annual event which showcases new perspectives for Finnish housing in different Finnish cities. The year 2025 is Oulu’s turn to show what future living in the northern city is today. One aspect Oulu is developing in the Hartaanselänranta area is placemaking with art. The art in the area could be collective, technological, light installations, or something completely new and intriguing. 








Phone number
08 558 410 (kaupungin vaihde)

Postal address
Kirjaamo, PL 71
90015 Oulun kaupunki

Solistinkatu 2, 90015 Oulu




An aerial view from Hartaanselänranta at winter including pointers for locations of Hartaanranta, Vaakunakylä and City Center